About Rub

The Rub is a publication for trustees of self-managed superannuation funds and other investors, providing them with news about investment opportunities, investment strategies, opinion and technical updates to help them manage their SMSFs.

Distributed to more than 74,000 SMSF trustees, The Rub’s editorial approach is to offer “news you can use”.

Coverage of investment opportunities includes equity market news, such as reports of initial public offerings, analysts’ opinions and market trends.

In the managed funds space, investors have a growing appetite for exchange traded funds. The Rub reports extensively on this sector and other parts of the managed funds industry.

Investment coverage also includes residential and commercial property, income-producing investments and retirement income solutions.

Expert commentators from the investment markets and the superannuation industry provide valuable contributions on topics as varied as portfolio construction, aged care planning, estate planning, tax, gearing and life insurance.