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Retiree cost of living edges up

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  1. Jan Day says:

    What about the impact of the recent drought, flood and fires throughout Australia which has already doubled the average cost of fresh produce. The humble green bean costs $15 per Kilo is but one example.

    The damage to freight rail lines in the north will take years to reinstate as Qd Rail and the Government have not even publicised budget funds for repairs nor called tenders to contract the major works required to get resources to ports and markets. This will be a significant drag on the ASX on which self funded retirees depend. Meanwhile high prices will remain for long periods as imports cost more while our dollar is low. Stocks like Incitec Pivot and the major mining stocks will soon fall and those companies are likely move more activity offshore.. This impact to farm production costs, energy costs will trickle through everything that impacts our cost of living expenses. Jobs will be lost.

    Our leaders at all levels and the economists are asleep at the wheel, while analysts using outdated metrics to calculate forecasts create an unrealistic outlook.

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